Elevate Kids Trail Challenge | July 16 – August 2, 2020

Doug and Melinda McCaw are training to run the entire 490 mile Colorado Trail in 18 days in July 2020 to raise money for Kids Aid Backpack Program to help children in the Grand Valley area of Colorado. We are asking interested parties to contribute as generously as they can to support Kids Aid and their outreach efforts to help children in the Grand Valley.

Melinda and Doug thought it would be worth mentioning to interested parties why they are pursuing their goal of Running the entire 490 mile Colorado Trail in 18 days.  So here goes. . .

Q: What would the overwhelming majority of adults want to do if they had the time/means/energy?

A: We believe they would want to bring their idealized worldview to life. In other words, create a world that reflects their most precious values.

Running the entire Colorado Trail in 18 days is our way of bringing our idealized worldview to life including these precious values: (1) Our love of new adventures (2) Challenging ourselves physically to improve our overall health, (3) Immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature, and  (4) Helping children in general and our daughter in particular live better lives.  

We hope that one or more of these values resonates with you, and that you will consider contributing financial support that will help children in the Grand Valley. If so, please read on at our website,

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